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Chicken, apple and red cabbage puff pastry pie ..

After watching last weeks food and drink I was inspired by Monica Galletti cooking with her children at least once a week.  I thought if Monica can do that then I’m sure I can try as well.  It probably won’t … Continue reading

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Getting obsessed with deep fried ice cream …

Ok I do this every time.  I find something I like then I do it to absolute death!  A few months ago it was sweet potato Moroccan tagine with lemon cous-cous – I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for weeks! … Continue reading

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How to make the easiest deep fried vanilla ice cream …

This is one of the most delicious ice cream puddings I have ever eaten!  I have never before ever thought about making deep-fried ice cream.  I have only eaten it in restaurants and always thought there must be a mystical … Continue reading

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Orange Curd Recipe

I’ve already posted about making lemon curd and I’m promised to find out if I could use the same recipe to make orange curd.  Well yes you can – almost anyway.  I have highlighted in red the differences.  You need … Continue reading

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Malteser Tray Bake Recipe

This is another super delicious and very easy recipe.  I love maltesers and having them coated in more chocolate and syrup is the ultimate malteser experience! Difficulty – Very easy Ingredients 100 grams butter 200 grams dark chocolate 3 tablespoons golden syrup … Continue reading

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Traditional Irish Soda Farls

I want to share Marie McKeowns traditional Irish soda farl recipe.  Marie has kindly shared her grandmothers traditional recipe on her blog and it is a winner every time.  You will be surprised at how easy it is to bake. A soda … Continue reading

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Can you copyright a recipe? No …

I do a lot of research when I bake or cook anything.  I look at many different recipes, try a few, adapt them to make the more to my taste.  I once came across a well-known professional cake bakers page and they … Continue reading

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