How to make a very simple retro skull cake …

It’s my husbands birthday and I had no idea what to make him.  With two paying cakes to complete for the same day I was a bit stretched on time.  So I baked a spare single layer lemon sponge and soaked it with lemon syrup awaiting inspiration.

Simple Retro Skull Cake

Simple Retro Skull Cake

I thought why not make a skull – it can’t be that hard.  Honestly this took me about half an hour.  I would have liked to have spent a little longer sculpting the face, with squished up cake and buttercream.  At least to emphasis the forehead but if you want a nice quick and easy project here goes.

1 – Place your cake on a covered board and cut out the shape of a skull – I guessed but you could print a template from the web.

2. Scoop out the eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Then cover the whole cake in a thin layer of buttercream (called a crumb coat)

4. Chill until nice and firm and then you can roll out your white fondant (or with a tinge of ivory colouring) and cover your cake.  Use a smoother to iron out any bumps.

5. Pop some balls of rolled up black fondant into the eye sockets,nose and mouth.

6. Roll out a long sausage of black fondant and roll into a comedy mustache   Use a touch of water to get it to stick to the fondant covered cake.

7. Walla one very easy skull cake.  You could emphasis the cake and use black paper to cover your board or tray.  I couldn’t find any and being short of time used the red stars and I think it looks very retro.

8. I’m still wondering about getting some black ribbon and giving him a bowtie and even a hat – I doubt I will have time but if you have more time than me you can embellish the skull in many different ways or with different facial expressions.

Cover in buttercream

Cover in buttercream

Simple Retro Skull Cake

Simple Retro Skull Cake


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Bake - Slice - Eat - Enjoy! An Irish girl living in Norfolk, sharing everything I know about baking and everything I learn along the way. The beautiful County of Norfolk is full of wonderful gems and I can't wait to share them with you.
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