Tips for Baking with Children …

Are you planning a party for your little one soon?  Here are top party tips.

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

1 – Ask you child what they want

This is the time when you get to make your child feel special.  Ask them what they would want.  You would be surprised at how simple young children like to keep it.  My daughter for her third birthday only wanted pink.  It didn’t matter what I did as long as everything was pink.  I not a fan of pink but it’s not my birthday.  So pink it was.  We hired a pink bouncy castle and some soft play equipment in the garden, a pink pass the parcel and a white, pink and chocolate dessert table.  It was great fun and simple.  Involve your child in the planning.  They will love helping you.

2 – Plan in advance.

The best parties are the ones that have a little planning ahead of time.  Ask yourself a few key questions: How many children are coming?  Are the parents coming as well?  Will you have to feed everyone or just the children?  What will you do with the adults while the children are playing?  Is there someone to help run the party while you are hosting?  When will the food be put out? When will you light the cake and blow out the candles? How long do you want the party to last?

Go through the questions and answer them.  Once you have an idea of logistics things should go much more smoothly.  Running a children’s birthday party can seem daunting at times, but trust us, they can be relaxed and fun if a little planning has taken place before the party guests arrive.

3 – Include ‘Free time’ 

Make sure that you include time for free play.  Children love to use their imagination and will really enjoy being let run wild for 15mins.  Why not sing happy birthday and blow out the candles and while they are playing this is the perfect opportunity to stick the kettle on (or rope in a willing helper) and make you and your guests a cup of tea.  You can also use this time to slice the birthday cake ready to take home in their party bags.  At this point your adults would really appreciate a slice of cake.  I always have a delicious plain sponge cake filled with jam and buttercream on the side just for the adults.  Don’t jam pack the party with pre-planned activities.

4 – Activites and games

Children all love games and activities.  There are hundreds of options depending on the type of party and age of the child.  One popular favorite is pass the parcel.  Although in my experience this is not so great with more than 8 children as they get bored if it takes to long to go around.  Plus it will keep going round for ages!  Keep this one for small groups.    Musical chairs are another good one but is not great for very little ones who get upset easily.  Try and plan some games the children can arrange themselves.  Like hide and seek.

A very popular activity I planned for my little boy was junk modelling.  I raided our recycling bin (clean junk!) for everything paper, cardboard and plastic.  I filled three black bin bags full and just tipped it onto a big sheet.  Then left glue, tape and scissors for them to go made with.  They totally loved it!  Some made robots, some made tractors but the children and the adults had a great time.  When it was all over everything went back to the recycling bin.  Low cost and ecologically friendly party game.

I always consult when I am planning a party is Netmums.  There is a vast array of party game suggestions and free downloadable goodies for your party. Totally worth having a look at.

5. Going home

It doesn’t take much planning to go home but make sure you say goodbye to everyone and thank them for their gift.  It’s important to make everyone feel special.  If you have party bags, pop a piece of cake and give them a balloon if you had any.  Sometimes I blow up a balloon and write the child’s name on it with permanent pen and tie it to their party bags.

Once everyone had departed you can clear up and have a cup of tea.  I always find I have a selection of fantastic friends who help tidy up afterwards.  A final point though is make sure when you are opening the presents you have a pen and paper handy to write down who gave what.  This can be tricky as some people do not attach the birthday cards to the presents they then get separated and I have ended up not having a clue who gave which present.   Your next task with your child is to write a few simple thank you notes for any gifts received.  It’s important to show good manners and thank everyone.

These are just a few tips on how to run your party.  With a little bit of planning you will have children’s party to remember without the stress!

Enjoy xx

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