Kitchen Wisdom

A page dedicated to short bits of kitchen wisdom that I have learned over the years through trial and error.  Let me save you the trouble of finding these things out for yourself.

– A good deal on lemons at the market?! Buy the lot and freeze them.  You can slice and freeze them for your cocktails, or freeze a whole lemon and grate it, or if the recipe only needs lemon juice why not zest the lemon and freeze that.  No wastage and no more dried up lemon wedges in the back of the fridge.  Meet GardenBetty who shows you what to do with gorgeous step by step pictures.

– If you have no self raising flour don’t panic as long as you have baking powder and plain flour you can make your own. To make self-raising flour from plain flour add one teaspoon of baking powder, bought or homemade to 110g of plain flour.

– Always clingfilm or cover eggs white and egg yolks in the fridge. I learned a long time ago that they go all icky and you can’t use them.  Sometimes I am so lazy!

– Don’t assume grease proof paper means ‘non-stick’.  It doesn’t as I learned to my annoyance.  The label must say non-stick for it to be non-stick.  If you have grease proof you will have to grease it.  Grrrrr.

– Freeze reduced double cream from the supermarket.  After Christmas Tesco’s was selling off hundreds of giant tubs of double cream for 20p!!  I would have bought more but would have needed a bigger freezer.  Use to make your own butter or for baking. Yum.

– Add half a teaspoon of bicarb to the water you hard boil your eggs in and the shells will peel off more easily.


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